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My name is Bri Watkins! I'm currently a senior at Texas State University, pursuing a digital media innovations degree. I'm the assistant news editor for The University Star. You can usually find me hiding away in coffee shops behind my computer, newspaper, or a book. I have a heart for technology, writing, photography and poetry. All in all, I am in love with storytelling, whatever form of platform that comes from. I am a complete advocate in believing that we all have a unique voice that should be shared with the world.

My Services

I can accompany you to achieve what you are looking for.


I enjoy capturing the details of everyday life. Let me know if you are interested in a photoshoot.

Web Development

One of my joys is constructing websites. If you want assistance in designing the a web display that perfectly suits your personality, I would be glad to help!

Video Edition

The beauty of videography. I have experience in working with iMovie. I can document some of your greatest moments, if you're interested!

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Here is some of my recent work.

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A little summary of my past experiences.
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My Education

I am a senior at Texas State University. I am pursuing a Digital Media Innovations degree, with a minor in Art and Design.


Work Experience

I currently work with a family who lives in New Braunfels. I am a caregiver for their 20-year-old son, David, who has Autism and Down syndrome. Working with David has taught me so much of how I want to live my life. When we are together, we dance like no one is watching, sing as loud as our voices allow us to, and make faces at each other until one of us can't stop laughing.

I have also gotten the opportunity to work at Young Life camps around the country. Young Life is a christian organization that introduces kids to Jesus. This past summer, I got the chance to work at a camp called Windy Gap, located in North Carolina. I worked in retail, while also getting to watch kids surrender their lives to Jesus at this camp.

My Blog

I come alive through writing and poetry.



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b.W. 10 Aug 2016

Wondrous | Intoxicated by the beauty of God's creation, our hearts sing out praises of his sweet greatness....

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b.W. 24 Aug 2016

Blueberries | A morning day and a garden play, I'm already dirty with blueberry paint...

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